Imagine if everyone could understand everything we said and exactly what we meant by it. there would be less arguments and mis-understandings and we would achieve what we set out to achieve much more smoothly. Our communication skills training will enable you to create the impact you want to see, helping you to influence others in your personal and business life.

If you worry that your communication skills are letting you down, remember that people are not born with these skills – however effortless some people may make it look. Business communication is a skill that can be learned, like any other. With our bespoke communication skills training course, you will be able to learn how to effectively communicate with all levels and get your points across with confidence and success.

It is very frustrating to see an otherwise good project fail simply because you cannot get over the final hurdle of making other people see things as you had intended and as they play out in your imagination. Worse still, is seeing someone else take your idea and succeed because they are better at management communication and maximising the impact of a message. Taking our communication skills training is an effective and convenient way to maximise and improve business performance. You will learn how to communicate more effectively with your colleagues and how to succeed when public speaking at all business levels.

Influencing & Communication Skills
It is impossible to change people but we can change the way they react to us by communicating differently. As part of our training we look at emotional intelligence and rehearse choosing how we communicate to motivate, influence and persuade others at all levels in the workplace. Influencing is an important skill set in the context of leadership development. It’s important to take the time to be self aware and to truly understand the needs to others. This then enables us to influence, persuade and motivate people into a different way of thinking.

Personal Impact & Assertiveness
It’s important when communicating to understand how your words and actions land on the other person. Being able to respond to any given situation rather than adopting a knee jerk reaction gives you more control on the impact you have. Behaving assertively without being aggressive is an extremely useful skill to acquire. Language is one of the most powerful tools we have for conveying overt or covert messages, or ones we didn’t even intend. We look at the phrases, words and behaviour which people use to get their message across and help guide you to holding an assertive status.


Communication Skills Training Outcomes

Our communication skills training will allow you to:

  • Explore the communication dynamic
  • Learn how to build rapport
  • Learn how to handle different personalities
  • Understand theories of influencing
  • Learn what motivates you and others
  • Understand how to get key messages across
  • Learn how to change your attitude
  • Understand and learn from mediation techniques
  • Motivate individuals and groups
  • Manage conflict
  • Develop your personal communication & influencing style
  • Gain tools for dealing with other people
  • Understand personal impact
  • Learn how body language communicates
  • Develop listening and responding skills
  • Understand assertiveness and conflict
  • Use positive reinforcement
  • Gain confidence


So, what is it that you want to communicate? How do you want to make them feel?

‘The art of communication
is the language of leadership.’
– James Humes


Communication Skills Training FAQ

What is it?

  • Unique customised course for a select number of people at your office or as focused 1:1 training session on location
  • Our service is completely bespoke and tailored to the individual’s needs, always understanding your business and company values
  • Appropriate for both informal and formal communication skills training, therefore improving your ability to communicate with your team

How does it work?

  • Using role play we practice communication techniques so as to directly experience how words and actions feel
  • We identify your key challenges then create a programme that is bespoke and really catered for you
  • We use actual issues you are experiencing in the workplace as examples to work through
  • We offer clear, constructive feedback at every step of the communication skills training

What will I do?

  • A variety of practical exercises one and one with your trainer or with other delegates

What will I get out of it?

  • Improve your communications skills in the work place and your personal life
  • Improve your ability to mange your team
  • Learn how to influence others
  • Gain confidence in the workplace dealing with people

What support and guidance will I get?

  • Dedicated support from outset, throughout the process
  • We take great care to understand your personal issues and help resolve them
  • Yet always ensuring a safe environment with absolute confidentiality

When does it take place?

  • In accordance with your schedule. As everything that we do is bespoke we will work around your diary.

Where does it take place?

  • Usually at your business location or at an outside training venue
  • We don’t run any off the shelf presentation skills training courses or open to public courses.

How much does it cost?

  • All Dynamic Presenting training is completely bespoke so costs completely depend on your requirements and the amount of people you would like to train.

Why choose us?

  • We are absolutely bespoke, focus entirely on your specific needs, offering targeted solutions to those needs

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