Leadership Development – Our Approach

Excellent communication skills are a prerequisite for business leaders. Developing communication abilities can raise your leadership profile more effectively than acquiring technical knowledge. As a high performance leadership development consultancy, we offer bespoke in-house training courses and 1:1 coaching for professionals in a wide variety of organisations.

Contrary to what many believe, most seemingly brilliant speakers and communicators work at what they do. That incredibly inspiring presentation you saw on TED took planning, thought and a lot of rehearsal. Few of us can just stand up and deliver a phenomenal improvised performance without preparation and structure.

So whether you are faced with a keynote speech, investor pitch or critical conversation, essential communication skills can be learnt, honed and thoroughly rehearsed until perfect. That is why we regularly work with the management of prominent organisations, so they deliver their message with conviction.

Our mission is to enhance your stakeholder engagement through better communication so that you create a dialogue that truly engages your audience. 

We combine years of experience working with organisations with our performing arts backgrounds to provide you with unique and bespoke training that works. Presentations, pitches and keynote speeches are performances just like theatre productions. Actors would never dare to set foot upon a stage without weeks of rigorous rehearsal where ideas are experimented with and scenes performed repeatedly until muscle memory kicks in. Why should your approach to next week’s team presentation be any different?

Our approach, whether a bespoke course for a group of 30 or a 1:1 coaching session is practical with the emphasis on doing. We begin by identifying what your innate style of communication is and then continue to develop that which already works well whilst also introducing new means of communication.

Presentation Skills Training

…is equally effective if you have a specific upcoming speech, pitch or presentation that you need to work on or if you are seeking to improve your skills in a more general manner. With our combination of training, what you learn really does stick. Which, of course means that it’s no walk in the park. We will support and guide at the same time as challenging and stretching you.