We produce creative and engaging corporate training films, promotional films and branding films.

The days of hoping your staff would learn something from stodgy, didactic training films with wooden acting and horrendous production values are now thankfully over. People seldom learn anything when bored or asleep. With huge experience as actors, writers and filmmakers in theatre, TV, commercials and film, we are perfectly placed to create visually engaging and believable corporate films that convey meaning whilst entertaining the viewer with appropriate humour. And using the latest HD technology means that we are flexible, travel light, use small crews and can consequently provide you with glossy, broadcast quality films at very competitive prices without a need to rely on large studios and overheads.

Our work to date includes creating an innovative learning film using actors and senior partners which was integrated into a live leadership training event for a major private equity client and a pioneering, interactive e-learning project for a leading mediation consultancy. TV commercials seemed to be out of the reach of many small to medium sized companies in the past. Now, we can produce hi-end brand films with fantastic production values for use across multimedia platforms – extremely effective in strengthening and reinforcing your company and brand. There has never been a better time to exploit lean advertising options.

Film is one of the most immediate and potent means of communicating for both internal training and external branding purposes. Film tells your story. How would you like your story to be told?

CEO expectations


“There are only two types
of speakers in the world.

1. The nervous and 2. Liars”
– Mark Twain

Corporate Film Production FAQ

What is it?

  • Executive education catered for in an innovative way
  • Our corporate film productions are sophisticated and slick films which convey messages effectively
  • Corporate film production includes brand films
  • Brand films can showcase key locations, customers, interviews with company directors and frontline staff
  • Corporate film production can also include interactive learning simulations which stimulates curiosity in the viewer/learner
  • We also film live events, company events and conferences
  • Films which can be shown on youtube, vimeo, corporate websites and all social media

How does it work?

  • We might begin with a detailed client brief or even just a nugget of an idea which then evolves into a fully fledged corporate film production
  • We then work with you to evolve this nugget into an idea with legs
  • Pre-production begins covering: scripting, casting, scouting locations, crewing, organising equipment, rehearsal, wardrobe etc
  • Production: we film the project….
  • Post: edit visual and audio, client input and deliver
  • With HD technology it’s now easy to impact corporate film production in a cost effective manner with a quick turnaround
  • We use hd equipment and small crews so travel light and helps to keep corporate film production costs manageable

What will I do?

  • Work with us to develop the idea and script for your film
  • Provide us with specifics about your organisation, culture, people and learning objectives in order to create a truly impactful corporate film production and learning experience
  • Be as involved as you want to be from casting and scripting through to filming and editing
  • We will action all specific notes that you provide us with to create the corporate film production that you feel is most relevant for your organisation

What will I get out of it?

  • High impact learning and development resource that can be used in a number of ways.
  • Effective branding and / or corporate film which conveys corporate brand message
  • Cost effective assets that have longevity and can be used over multi-platforms within your business
  • Interactive, impactful learning interventions
  • Value for money with respect to effective learning platform

What support and guidance will I get?

  • Dedicated support from outset, throughout the corporate film production process
  • Ongoing dialogue as needed, keeping you fully informed of process at all stages
  • Face to face meetings and virtual support
  • You can be present during the filming and corporate film production process
  • We will show you work at edit stage for your input/notes

When does it take place?

  • We are able to work quickly, depending on your corporate film production requirements and can usually turnaround/deliver very quickly
  • We can work days, evenings, weekends – we are totally flexible

Where does it take place?

  • We are London based company, however we can work anywhere in the world – we can facilitate productions anywhere

How much does it cost?

  • Our film production costs vary according to scope of project
  • However with small crews and hd equipment we travel light and work fast so we can keep corporate film production costs down

Why choose us?

  • Our advantage is that we are well established as leadership development experts so fully understand the learning objectives that you have
  • We are very experienced actors, writers, directors so know first hand the process of creating a corporate film production
  • We have an unrivalled network of contacts – actors, crew, writers, directors, editors that we can draw upon.

How can I book?