You’re perfectly comfortable with business plans, marketing reports and financial forecasts. But nothing you learnt at business school has quite prepared you for this terrifying moment of public speaking.

It is nerve racking being on stage in front of hundreds of people who all staring at you, waiting to be entertained by your motivational keynote speech.

To polarise matters even further, it’s simply not enough to do just an ok keynote speech any more. Charismatic business personalities like Steve Jobs, Ken Robinson and Richard Branson have raised the bar high. Just watch a selection of TED talks to witness great performance.

Any opportunity for public speaking is the perfect platform to shine, to tell the world who you are, to develop your personal brand. Few things can impact how you are perceived as quickly and as permanently as public speaking. How important is it for you to get that right?

The best public speaking is exciting theatre performance not stale corporate posturing saturated in buzzwords devoid of any real meaning. So use your keynote speech to bond with your audience on an emotional level.

Throughout history great oratory and public speaking skills have been highly prized. Similarly actors have the ability to deliver awe-inspiring monologues captivating the audience in the palm of their hand. Interestingly, actors tend to imagine the approving audience whereas most non actors tend to imagine the disapproving audience – the power of that visualisation alone is immense.

The techniques performers use can be adapted for training business leaders who are faced with important keynote speeches and public speaking engagements.

We’ll stretch your public speaking abilities further and faster than you think possible and help you develop an appropriate public speaking style that is an extension of your personality and not imposed upon you in any way.

Rehearse your keynote speech thoroughly with Dynamic Presenting’s public speaking training and we’ll provide you with ongoing support in structuring, rehearsing and performing your speech.


Public Speaking Training Outcomes

Our public speaking training will enable you to:

  • Develop your own public speaking style
  • Feel confident speaking infront of small and large audiences
  • Make best use of the space / stage you are talking from
  • Use vocal tone to keep audience interested
  • Use body language to communicate your story
  • Feel confident with relevant equipment
  • Control nerves through useful techniques
  • Deliver inspiring well constructed key messages
  • Learn how to rehearse and prepare for the big day
  • Inspire your audience


“There are only two types
of speakers in the world.
1. The nervous and 2. Liars”
– Mark Twain


Public Speaking Training FAQ

What is it?
  • Focused, intense 1:1 training for senior leaders who need to motivate and inspire
  • Bespoke training for small groups of senior executives
How does it work?
  • Series of sessions – practical exercises adapted from theatre and actor training
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Focus on you learning by doing a range of practical exercises
  • Either 1:1 with a dedicated trainer or within a small group so you have an audience 
What will I do?
  • Learn structure for a major keynote speech, formal presentation, conference speech
  • Improve your stagecraft – working with lights, cameras, visual aids
  • Practice with simulated pressure of live audience
  • Series of bespoke exercises that will improve your structure, speech and performance
  • Distill your key message
What will I get out of it?
  • Absolute focus on your specific training needs
  • Support and challenge to fully realise potential
  • Thorough rehearsal to embed learning
  • Develop your innate performance style
What support and guidance will I get?
  • Dedicated support from outset
  • Ongoing rehearsal and feedback throughout
  • Thorough rehearsal process with highly experienced actor/trainers

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