Powerful presenting where the speaker is relaxed and communicating with us effortlessly is a joy. It is wonderful to behold a captivating, charismatic speech. Conversely we have all experienced “Death by Powerpoint” where slide after slide of technical knowledge sent us to sleep and little meaning was conveyed.

You may have the best business idea in the world but if poorly communicated then somebody else, with an inferior proposition but better pitch, will win that lucrative contract. So the importance of developing strong communication skills, delivering confident presentations and consequently under-going presentation skills training cannot be overstated.

And there must be a reason why you are delivering your message in person. Why not send an email? Because YOU are more interesting.

We utilise many creative exercises derived from theatre training and adapt them to the needs of business people through our presentation skills training service. Specific, practical exercises tailored to your needs, whilst simulating the kind of pressure experienced when you face an audience and the stakes are high.

A rehearsal process in other words. Where you practice until speech, pitch or presentation becomes second nature. The repetition of rehearsing embeds learning fully. Without such thorough rehearsal your message is never truly owned by you.

Practical Exercises
Diaphragmatic breathing, posture, power of pausing, economy of gesture, subtlety of expression, vocal techniques, dealing with audience feedback, ensuring cultural appropriateness… These are just some of the specifics that will be addressed to make you a truly dynamic communicator.

As no two individuals communicate in precisely the same way, our approach varies from person to person. It is very much a bespoke means of experiential training.

The focus is on nurturing your innate communication style. Our role is to guide, prompt, encourage, stimulate, challenge and support you without an overload of theory.

  • Greater influence with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Being able to deliver your message clearly
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Greater self confidence

So, what is the core message that you need to communicate? Who is your audience? What are their hopes, expectations and concerns?


‘They may forget what you said,
but they will never forget how
you made them feel.’
– Carl W. Buechner



What is it?

  • Bespoke course for a number of participants in house or as focused 1:1 training session
  • Our service is completely bespoke and tailored to the individual’s needs, always being considerate of your particular culture and company values
  • Appropriate for both informal and formal presentation skills training, therefore improving your ability to present at weekly team meeting or at a national conference

How does it work?

  • You may choose to work on an existing presentation or have a major upcoming presentation that you want to rehearse until perfect
  • We identify your key challenges then create a programme that is bespoke and really catered for you
  • We incorporate whatever visual aids are relevant to communicate your message
  • We offer clear, constructive feedback at every step of the presentation skills training

What will I do?

  • A variety of practical exercises and thorough rehearsal

What will I get out of it?

  • Improve your ability to present in formal or informal situations
  • Improve your ability to handle large audiences
  • Enhanced professional profile
  • Develop your unique style of communication

What support and guidance will I get?

  • Dedicated support from outset, throughout the process
  • We take great care to challenge and stretch you
  • Yet always ensuring a safe environment with absolute confidentiality

When does it take place?

  • In accordance with your schedule. As everything that we do is bespoke we will work around your diary.

Where does it take place?

  • Usually at client premises or at a neutral training venue
  • We don’t run any off the shelf presentation skills training courses or open to public courses.

How much does it cost?

  • All training is completely bespoke so costs vary depending on your needs and the amount of people you would like to train.

Why choose us?

  • We are absolutely bespoke, focus entirely on your specific needs, offering targeted solutions to those needs

What have others experienced?

How can I book?

  • Call or email to discuss your presentation skills training requirements on:
    0207 732 1769