Pitching To Win

Pitching To Win is the perfect course for individuals and small teams looking to secure investment or pitching their business projects to an audience who hold the power to determine if that project actually goes ahead or not.

You may be a fund manager meeting with trustees of a major pension pot for a face to face investor presentation. Of course you’ve got a quality pitch book, effective risk management controls, pedigree management team. Of course you know your investor’s appetite for risk, fund mandate, investment criteria, current portfolio… So what? Other rival fund management teams have all of that as well.

People buy based on emotional reaction, not on cold, hard logic alone. They base their buying decision on how they feel about you. What gets your audience excited? How can you build a connection with them? They could make their decision in the first few minutes of your pitch, so make sure your performance is gripping from the off. It’s simply not enough to know a “top 10 tips” for an investor pitch found through a last minute Google search. Won’t help you on the big day one iota.

Keep it short, punchy and remember the old showbiz adage – leave them wanting more..!

Training Outcomes

Our pitching for business course will enable you to:

  • Deliver punchy & concise pitches to investors
  • Learn structure for presenting to potential clients and investors
  • Communicate financial information in an engaging inspiring way
  • Win the confidence of the investor
  • Build trust with your teams
  • Be distinct and stand out from the crowd
  • Answer difficult questions on the spot
  • Speak persuasively
  • Appeal to investor’s emotions
  • Connect with investors
  • Learn how to pitch to win

“Jaws in space”
– Legendary film pitch for the film Alien

Pitching To Win Course Details

What will I do?

  • Learn structure for a major pitch/investor presentation
  • Experience investor presentation training which simulates pressure of live audience
  • Work with distilling the key message
  • Work effectively with relevant visual aids
  • Series of bespoke training exercises that will improve your structure, speech and performance
  • Absolute focus – either 1:1 or for small team
  • Thorough rehearsal to embed learning
  • Develop your innate investor pitch style
  • Work with other people in your pitch team to share the stage
  • Improve ability to deal with tough questions

Where does it take place?

  • Client premises, or
  • Independent training venue – there’s nothing like getting away from the desk for a rich learning experience!

Duration – Burst (2hours), half day or one day pitching for business course.

How much does it cost?

  • Please contact us at info@dynamic-presenting.com to discuss your specific needs and we’ll put together a quote for you

Useful resources

What have others experienced?

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