Our Story

Following a stint at Baring Asset Management, Dynamic Presenting founder Sartaj Garewal embarked on a career as an actor and voice artist (a steady desk job wasn’t for him).

Lots of stage and screen credits later (including National Theatre, Royal Court, Royal Exchange…), he discovered the fascinating parallel realm of actors using theatre skills within corporate training, with both worlds sharing a focus around behaviour, communication and emotion. These actor led interventions took a variety of shapes and were usually the most memorable and impactful part of any L&D programme for the participants. Some years later, having worked with many leading training consultancies as a freelancer, Sartaj founded Dynamic Presenting with a view to capitalising on the many conferences, off-sites and leadership programmes that he had worked on with a drive to bring art and business together.

Since 2010 we’ve grown and established great relationships with many businesses, large and small and have a network of freelance associates who we call upon, all of whom share our obsession with experiential training. We love innovating and coming up with unique ideas for our clients wherever possible, always mindful of their training goals. Seen as thought leaders in the interactive training space, we regularly contribute to publications and our blog hosts a wealth of articles and insights.

First hand business experience combined with our performing arts backgrounds provides you with unique, experiential training that works.

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Art and Business

We strongly believe that art and business have a lot to learn from each other and in our way, we want to be a part of that embryonic dialogue.

Working with us can be challenging, all learning should be after all. We’ll certainly challenge and provoke and at the same time we’ll support and guide, within a safe environment for learning.

Presentations, pitches and keynote speeches are performances after all, just like pieces of theatre. Actors would never dare to set foot upon a stage without rigorous rehearsal where ideas are experimented with and scenes performed until muscle memory kicks in.

Why should your approach to next week’s team presentation be any different? Or just as an actor carefully crafts a character, what conscious choices have you made for your leadership profile?

Our approach, whether an in-house course for a group of 10 or a 1:1 coaching session is highly practical and interactive with the emphasis on doing.