Management Skills Training

At Dynamic Presenting we offer a diverse range of management skills training programmes suited to the specific needs of your team. Whether you are employing a new manager within your organisation or promoting somebody to a management position, we carefully curate a programme to suit that person in your business.

So often people are promoted to managers because they are good at their jobs. It is essential to see that doing the job and doing the manager’s job are totally different and require different skills. New managers are often happy to step up into their new roles without realising the additional skills which are needed.

Working in close collaboration with our corporate clients, we begin by discussing the overall training objectives for the client. We then run diagnostics to ascertain exactly where specific training needs exist. In doing so, we gain a deep understanding of your people and culture at an organisational, departmental and individual level.

The holistic training we provide is directed at Line Managers, Team Leaders and Department Heads within any business organisation. Our programmes teach techniques for giving feedback, motivating people, delegating, setting expectations, performance management and understanding conflict and resolution.

We get playful and creative to discover high impact, experiential exercises and initiatives that meet your key learning objectives whilst fully engaging and challenging your delegates. Often we use appropriate adaptations of forum theatre, conversation practice, giving feedback and corporate theatre to add creativity to your training day.

Training Outcomes

Our management skills training will enable you to:

  • Manage your team
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Manage problem behaviour
  • Manage yourself
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Give an effective appraisal
  • Develop your own personal management style
  • Recognise the different qualities of the people in your team
  • Motivate and inspire others
  • Manage change
  • Make effective decisions
  • Identify and mange priorities through time management

Management Skills Training Course Details

What is it?

  • Our training provides the tools for managing teams of any size
  • It is a bespoke programme developed for the individual people in your business
  • Line management, Leading teams, Heading up departments

How does it work?

  • Management skills training for executives works through exploration of personal management style
  • The focus remains on individual development throughout the process
  • Our approach is 360˚ – we look at the individual’s skill set, understand the team they are working with and create a learning programme around their unique needs.

What will I do?

  • Discuss your personal needs and issues with our trainers in confidence
  • Learn the different management styles and theories and see things from different perspectives
  • Practice giving constructive feedback through role play
  • Learn to motivate and inspire your team members
  • Learn how to deal with critical conversations through role play
  • Learn to motivate and inspire your team members

What will I get out of it?

  • The opportunity to develop management skills in a one to one environment or in small groups
  • Identify key strengths and areas for development
  • Create long term management skills which will strengthen your career
  • You will become armed with the tools to manage either small or large teams

What support and guidance will I get?

  • You can trust that we have only your development and personal growth as a focus throughout the training
  • Ongoing and specific feedback throughout the training and beyond

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