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Leadership Development

As a leadership development consultancy, Dynamic Presenting provides exclusive communication skills training for business leaders. Developing high potential individuals and emerging talent into authentic business leaders is our focus. We offer bespoke leadership development training courses and one to one coaching.

Our Key Services

Presentation skills training, keynote speeches, leadership development training, investor pitches, influencing skills, conflict resolution, presentation impact, critical conversations, interview skills, executive coaching… Whether you have a major speech to prepare for, want to improve your presentation skills, want to develop influencing skills, need to develop an in-house training program for a number of people or want to create a training film, we can help.

Our experience working with large corporations, asset management, investment banking, blue chips is coupled with genuine creativity and innovation from our backgrounds in theatre and performing arts. That is why we offer truly unique, creative and experiential training that fully embeds learning.

Art and Business

We believe that business and the arts should strive to forge a more meaningful dialogue than exists at present. There is much that could be learnt from each other. Our mission is to be a part of that dialogue, as a catalyst to spark curiosity and learning.

“Dynamic Presenting improved my presentation and leadership skills through intensive sessions which were focused, informative, challenging, stretching and fun. They also delivered results – afterwards, many people complimented me on my step-change improvement in presentation/communication. Highly recommended.” COO, leading E-commerce brand

Leadership Skills

Do you believe that leaders are born or do you know that they work at it like any other skill? Our leadership development training will help you take those next steps into becoming a full fledged business leader. We will show you how to motivate and influence others bringing together communication, influencing, presentation and networking. Our training will enable you to become the best leader you can be through developing your own personal leadership style. Read more

Presentation Skills

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’ – Presenting and public speaking go hand in hand with leadership roles today. Our presentation skills training will enable you to inspire your audience, keeping them engaged and informed. We look at presentation structure, pace, tone, body language and visual impact. Whether you are working on a key note speech, client presentation or investor pitch it’s all in the delivery. Even when we speak to a colleague, a client or are seen out in the street by other people, we are presenting ourselves to the world and creating an impression. Effective presentation skills are vitally important tools for all areas of life. Read more

Communication Skills

It is very frustrating to see an otherwise good project fail simply because you cannot get over the final hurdle of making other people see things as you had intended and as they play out in your imagination. Worse still, is seeing someone else take your idea and succeed because they are better at management communication and maximising the impact of a message. We look at the impact of communication, showcasing the communication process and how to deal with and improve the situation when things break down.  Taking communication skills training is an effective and convenient way to maximise and improve your personal business performance. Read more

Management Skills

More often than not we become managers without any real training. Managing people is a skill in itself which requires the right kind of communication in order to get the best out of the team. Our management training is suitable for people looking to broaden their skills in management and those wanting to learn different management styles. What type of manager are you? What type of manager do you want to be? Read more

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