UK Head Office, White City, London
Executives throughout the business


  • To identify specific communication challenges faced by managers
  • To improve effectiveness of speeches and presentations for managers


  • Series of creative and experiential theatre games to illustrate good communication
  • Coaching sessions to identify good communication and  challenges faced
  • Discussion around incorporating specific company values into individual communication style
  • Practice informal presentations in small breakout groups
  • Individual and group improvisation exercises to encourage “in the moment” thinking
  • Introduction of framework for informal and formal presentations
  • Thorough rehearsal of several presentations to group audience with coaching & feedback from facilitator


  • Greater confidence in presenting to small and medium sized groups
  • Ownership of structured yet flexible presentation structure
  • Far more able to convey a message with true passion, conviction and authority
  • Improved ability to convey key message with assertiveness
  • Specific takeaway learning points for each participant from informal coaching


“Signposting is the word that will stick with me and what I found most useful – giving me a simple structure I can use and adapt. I will also try and smile more!”

“It was great! I would like to do this with my team members too as it would be a great team building exercise and the importance of voicing your ideas and thoughts at creative brainstorms!!” – Fiona Obst, Learning & Development Manager


Initial bespoke presentation skills training course is now being rolled out throughout company at all managerial levels