Corporate Theatre

Our Corporate Theatre for learning covers a range of bespoke interactive and experiential devices. From using specially designed scripted scenes to liven up a conference to using briefed roleplay actors to simulate conversations and realistic workplace situations, we are able to craft unique, experiential interventions for learning or entertainment.

Scripted Scenes – can be used to highlight specific issues and challenges within an organisation as part of a learning programme for instance. Also used to liven up conferences and major off-sites to keep your audience engaged..! In either case, we work with you to produce relevant and meaningful theatre where we will create, write, cast, rehearse and deliver what you need for any particular event.

Forum Theatre – effective means of focusing on behaviour and communication between individuals. Typically, two actors play out a scene where communication is way less than ideal, for example a manager giving feedback to a direct report. The scene usually lasts just a few minutes. Control is then handed to the audience whereby they have the power to stop/start the scene as we re-run it afresh, giving the manager tips and ideas on how to be more effective in giving feedback.

Actor led Roleplay – the idea of “roleplay” can at times be pretty cringey for many people. That’s why we use trained actors to play realistic characters, portraying challenging behaviours in situations where the stakes are high. Can be used for both development and assessment centres, to provide participants with a real stretch. Feedback from roleplay actors after an exercise is often seen as invaluable.

Training Films – immediate and cost effective way to create a relevant training resource that can be accessed by new joiners and those looking for a blended learning experience. Training films can focus on a range of topics eg. Handling customer complaints, pitching to win, managing tough conversations… to name but a few. We’re experienced in all aspects of producing a film, from researching and writing to filming and editing.

Film is one of the most immediate and potent means of communicating for both internal training and external branding purposes. Film tells your story. How would you like your story to be told?

CEO expectations


“There are only two types
of speakers in the world.

1. The nervous and 2. Liars”
– Mark Twain

Corporate Theatre Course Details


Completely varies due to tailor-made approach

Where does it take place?

  • Client premises, or
  • Independent training venue – there’s nothing like getting away from the desk for a rich learning experience!
  • Off-site or conference venue

How much does it cost?

As our Corporate Theatre interventions are all completely bespoke, prices will vary according to what is needed. Please enquire to discuss your needs and ideas further.

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