Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is Dynamic Presenting’s coaching service for senior executives who want to improve their leadership skills, get goal focused and raise their game. Executive coaching is geared towards established and emerging talent within leading organisations. Our coaches place their focus entirely on you, the coachee, enabling you to see both the big picture and explore the detail of issues that are shared. Through a supportive and stimulating partnership, new ideas and goals emerge.

We urge our coaching clients to view their careers as continual journeys of personal growth. Through conscious goal defining and goal setting, a roadmap to where you want to go is illuminated. Executive coaching for leaders accelerates the capabilities of high potential performers and helps them to action both quick wins and longer term behavioural change. Together, we will define your innate leadership qualities and working style. This will include goal setting, career mapping, identifying learning obstacles, developing influence and manage change through a coaching approach.

So what do you WANT, what do you NEED and crucially what has to be DONE to get there..?

Coaching Outcomes

Our executive coaching will enable you to:

  • Define your goals and where you want to go professionally
  • Understand and explore previous issues
  • Nurture your emotional intelligence
  • Share issues around vision and strategy
  • Communicate key messages succinctly
  • Influence, motivate and inspire others
  • Network and influence people you meet
  • Articulate your beliefs and values
  • Motivate your followers
  • Manage change
  • Understand rudiments of coaching and coach your own team for success
  • Accelerate the capabilities of high potential performers
  • Goal setting, career mapping, identifying learning obstacles
  • Develop influence

“Letting the self emerge is
the essential task for 
– Warren Bennis

Executive Coaching Course Details

What will I do?

  • Understand the big picture and small detail
  • Define your personal leadership style
  • Share current and previous issues: from vision to managing people
  • Understand how to engender trust from your team
  • Set specific, ambitious goals
  • Define your leadership vision and values
  • Learn how to inspire action in others
  • Learn to lead from the front and lead from the back

Duration – Burst (2hours), half day or one day executive leadership coaching course

How much does it cost?

  • Please contact us at info@dynamic-presenting.com to discuss your specific needs and we’ll put together a quote for you

What have others experienced?

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